Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day seks - 2010-08-08

09h27: Tent and bags more or less packed. Had a bit of breakfast and the usual morning routines. Time for the long walk to the busses. We had a pretty great Saturday evening beginning with W.A.S.P. They were a bit so-so. Then Cannibal Corpse went absolutely nuts. "Bommelum" seems to be every second word and the music is extreme to the max. The leadsinger banged his hair and head like a fucking nutcase and it was great fun. Perhaps an album purchase I should consider to piss off my neighbours. Immortal were next and they were awesome! Black and cold and beautiful and fucking insane drumming. I loved every second, especially the outstanding "Beyond The North Waves". After that we went back to the camp and crashed a bit. We even had a bit of rain at night. We could have used some more of that Friday and Saturday instead of that Verdammter Sonne. I'm not too wasted today. Maybe the bus ride home will be surviable. Over and out, yours truly.
11h05: aboard the bus. I even bought a cold beer so I can't be dying that much. Our guide Ole is so wasted from yesterday that it's a fucking joke but a very entertaining one. There are fewer people in the Maiden bus home than on the way down there??? Maybe a few of ze metalheads died at Wacken? Well, never mind... :)
11h35: second beer and Maiden on the speakers. Not bad at all. It smells like a festival toilet in the bus. Probably just our clothes, hair and shoes. Having fun reading my former posts learning that I actually went to the biergarten one night? Can't remember it. Anybody got a photo that can prove it? I also learned that some of the K.I.A.s actually didn't die. One broke his leg in the tricky ditches on the camping ground. Good advice: wear military boots at all times! The other lost person broke his hand. It's a tough job being a Wackener but some motherfuckers gotta hold the danish flag high and proud and scream with ze germanischen metalheads.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day cinco - 2010-08-07

08h36: Yesterday was an eternal journey thru hell. It was ridiculously hot and shadow was very hard to find. Add to that fighting hangovers with red bull and vodka and you have a tough mission. While slowly burning to a rotten corpse in the sun, I heard a few bands. Worst of them was a bunch of israeli jews who has scarred me for life. I have decided to forget their name. Arch Enemy was great and even greater when the fucking sun went away around 21h00. I skipped Slayer because the rest of the festival didn't and saw norwegian black metal monsters 1349 instead. Not bad at all for a bunch of painted fjellmonkeys. Shortly after that I passed out in my tent, only waking 10 times this nite for various reasons. The sun is on it's way and I'm enjoying the last few minutes of morning shadow behind a tent. 24c sun today is the forecast and I expect to be dead quite soon. Hopefully I will be able to hear Immortal tonite from within my coffin.
13h07: time has stopped. Even in the shadow the temperature is deadly. I feel like a boiling egg. To fetch cold water to pour on your face you have to walk 500 meters thru the valley of death by sunshine. Somebody kill me.
16h09: a few clouds, think I may survive after all. So far I drunk a hell of a lot of water all day long think it must be time to switch to different matters soon. Today's plan: W.A.S.P., Cannibal Corpse, Immortal. Let's see how well it works out. Bus leaves for the 8 hour ride home at 10:30 in the morning.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day IV - 2010-08-06

07h53: Somehow I've managed to take a hot bath today. I know it ain't particular hardcore metal to actually wash, but I took a chance and it didn't kill me. Had to dry with a tshirt though since towels are not invented yet in Germany. Yesterday we got stupidly drunk, but I saw Alice Cooper which was too low in volume and his voice was shite, but still we had a good time singing along and he had the full show with him including the hanging and the beheading. Mötley Crüe was surprisingly good. Great sound and a good sound level. Vince Neal sounds like a castrated smurf on helium, but hasn't he always? Iron Maiden played for a massive crowd and they mainly played songs from the last few records (brave new world and forward). It wasn't particularly great. They are of course insanely skilled musicians and Bruce is an unbelievable power freak both vocally and as a white tornado on stage. But in all honesty the few old tracks they played worked a lot better than the new ones. Think I will try to gear down a bit today. I don't feel like the freshest fruit in the basket any longer even if I did get a few hours sleep in the all-nite scream and shout madness.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day drei - 2010-08-05

08h35: been trying to get a good long night's sleep but that ain't easy when there's a non stop party all over the camping area. Anyway feel fairly okay and that will be necessary with Cooper, Mötley and Maiden on today's programme. Not to mention a shit load of beer that I will have to consume as well. Breakfast was 2 Mars bars and a Coca-cola. I bet Heineken is next.

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You can buy W:O:A 2010 live performaces here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day duo - 2010-08-04

09h20: Some fucks tried to enter my tent at night. Convinced them that 1 step further would be certain death by Texan law. Slowly waking up by Immortal thru my bluetooth spkrs and exchanging Dolph qouotes with them neighboura. It's an aryan world but somebody gotta keep Germanienstadt running. Secret plan for today: getting drunk like a skunking funking punk.
00h52: plan worked. Got blasted with the neighbours and went to biergarten to over do it while placing some missed highfives at the locals. Saw danish metal battle act "By The Patient" but in all honesty if I don't have anything nice to say I better shut my mouth (see my 2 Zoom Q3 videos below.) And why the fuck are there irish people living next door?! Their accent is sooooo wrong.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day one - 2010-08-03

08h05: Livescenens bus departed on time from Copenhagen. It's a special bus for dedicated Iron Maiden fans. Not at all crazy so far, but I bet a bunch of beers will change that in a few hours. We have a planned stop in Fredericia to pick up more Maiden freaks on the way.
09h53: a bunch of porn mags has been distributed to enhance the entertainment for boys and girls in the bus. Maiden obviously blasting from the speakers non-stop.
10h49: pick-up in Fredericia, I feel like I'm back in time (my old hometown for many many years). And believe it or not Psycho Kjeld from last year is here. Guarantee for fucked up fun, couldn't be better. Ah, well my beer could be colder, but it's still beer, right?
11h43: lottery is over. Didn't win any tshirts or shit but nevermind. I'm happy all the same. But we are close to the German border and warm beer is the menu.
13h47: bus is loaded with so many beers that I fear it won't be able to move. Furtunately only the bus is loaded and not the driver. In 13mins is the last bit of driving and we should hit Wacken at 16h00. Hopefully it stays dry then.
15h22: 3 minutes to piss off and it was 3 mins. Prefer to stay in the bus with my boiling beer. Weather is looking very wet and not good for setting up tents. But I've survived worse things. Hope somebody brought a bunch of pavillions with them else the grill party might be on it's way down the drain. Prost and up the Irons!
23h59: tent up and great grill party at camp Livescenen. Met a buncha old fucks from last year. Kjeld almost killed a fucker for wearing a military beret lol. Much better than being at work. Woohoo!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Running route in Valby

This is a route I sometimes run in Valby. Filmed from my MTB using a Zoom Q3. Distance: 12km. I could probably use a gyro stabilizer for my camera. It gets quite bumpy at times when driving on gravel. The video runs at x 3.5 speed and has been overdubbed with 2 Sputnik songs by Martin Degville.

Here is a route overview on a map.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prince announced for Roskilde Festival 2010

If I was thrilled to learn that Lemmy & the boys will hit Roskilde, I immediately bought my ticket when I learned that Prince is going to be there as well. What an awesome booking! Only annoyance is that both seem to be scheduled for Sunday and that sucks a lot. I'm sure however, it'll be a blast no matter what.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Motörhead announced for Roskilde Festival 2010

I had decided not to visit this year's Roskilde Festival unless something extraordinary came up. I will be going to Wacken Open Air that has already announced a killer program (Immortal, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and many more.) Now Motörhead has been announced for Roskilde, so now I'll obviously be going anyway. The photo below is of a miniature Lemmy bass I just bought and also a full Marshall stack.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The very first post

This is just a short welcome post. I have added a photo from snowy Copenhagen. I'll be back sometime soon. Have fun 'til then!

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