Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wacken Open Air 2010 - Day seks - 2010-08-08

09h27: Tent and bags more or less packed. Had a bit of breakfast and the usual morning routines. Time for the long walk to the busses. We had a pretty great Saturday evening beginning with W.A.S.P. They were a bit so-so. Then Cannibal Corpse went absolutely nuts. "Bommelum" seems to be every second word and the music is extreme to the max. The leadsinger banged his hair and head like a fucking nutcase and it was great fun. Perhaps an album purchase I should consider to piss off my neighbours. Immortal were next and they were awesome! Black and cold and beautiful and fucking insane drumming. I loved every second, especially the outstanding "Beyond The North Waves". After that we went back to the camp and crashed a bit. We even had a bit of rain at night. We could have used some more of that Friday and Saturday instead of that Verdammter Sonne. I'm not too wasted today. Maybe the bus ride home will be surviable. Over and out, yours truly.
11h05: aboard the bus. I even bought a cold beer so I can't be dying that much. Our guide Ole is so wasted from yesterday that it's a fucking joke but a very entertaining one. There are fewer people in the Maiden bus home than on the way down there??? Maybe a few of ze metalheads died at Wacken? Well, never mind... :)
11h35: second beer and Maiden on the speakers. Not bad at all. It smells like a festival toilet in the bus. Probably just our clothes, hair and shoes. Having fun reading my former posts learning that I actually went to the biergarten one night? Can't remember it. Anybody got a photo that can prove it? I also learned that some of the K.I.A.s actually didn't die. One broke his leg in the tricky ditches on the camping ground. Good advice: wear military boots at all times! The other lost person broke his hand. It's a tough job being a Wackener but some motherfuckers gotta hold the danish flag high and proud and scream with ze germanischen metalheads.

Full size photo (Going Home)

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